Reading TAP 3.12 (ASN1) Files with Dataverse

Reading TAP 3.12 (ASN1) Files with Dataverse

When I first worked at Lavastorm, many years ago now, it was most commonly used for Revenue Assurance and Fraud Analytics in Telecommunications companies. Today, the same visual mapping of data processes allows analysts from all industries rapidly build data models and apply analytics to data from many disparate sources.

Revenue Assurance commonly requires that you acquire data as close to the source as possible, the objective being that you would identify any discrepancy in how business rules had been applied to the data as early as possible in the data value chain. The consequence being that downstream processes, including billing, would use this information and if errors existed this could result in a financial loss or gain, rework and/or impact customer experience.

That’s where Dataverse’s ability to read complex data types, and build your own complex data readers, can come in handy. It allows you to quickly take a vendor or standard specifications (such as the GSMA’s TAP specification for sharing data about roaming customers) and read the data, converting it into records.

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