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Data quality impacts everyone today. Let us help you find a simple way to measure, evaluate the impact and communicate the benefits across the organisation.


Improve your predictive models

Predictive Modelling

Ask us how much you could benefit from improving your predictive models. We provide coaching and analysis of existing models to help improve business outcomes.


Analytics & Strategy

Tactics and Planning

Analytics can be used to help with long term planning and also to drive short term tactics. Let us show you new ways to use your data to drive business strategy.


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Tableau, Infogix Data3Sixty Analyze & Wherescape

Browse articles and learnings from our consultants who implement Tableau, Infogix Data3Sixty Analyze and Wherescape for clients across Asia.

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What we do

Sprint Milestone is a strategy and analytics consultancy, helping you leverage your data for high performance.

service 1

Data Quality/Governance

We help companies understand where they are and how to make the most of their data

service 2

Predictive Analytics

We create and improve predictive models to deliver better outcomes

service 3

Strategy & KPI Design

We work with customers to develop winning strategies and align their KPIs for success

Have you seen our work?

Find out more about how you can benefit from our experience.

project 1

FX Trade Reconciliation and Reporting

Industry Banking & Finance (Regional Bank, Asia)
Date May 2015
Skills Analytics & Reconciliation
Country Hong Kong

Value Delivered to client: Reduction in time and effort to reconcile FX trades, improved accuracy and match rates, full data lineage & reporting capabilities.

project 2

Customer Retention, High Rollers!

IndustryGaming & Casinos
DateSeptember 2014
SkillsPredictive Analytics, Customer Retention

Value Delivered to client: Reduction in high roller churn, increased revenue and customer loyalty. Standardardized modelling process to enable faster models to be developed.

project 3

Data Quality, building a foundation for regulatory reporting

IndustryBanking & Finance
DateNovember 2014
SkillsData Governance, Data Quality & Profiling
Country Vietnam

Value Delivered to client: Identify, measure and track data quality to highlight the impacts of poor governance and build awareness and improve efforts to manage data quality.

project 4

Automated Testing

Industry Insurance
Date February 2015
SkillsData Management and Testing, KPI design
Country Hong Kong

Value Delivered to client: Ability to automate testing processes, reducing time and cost as well as providing KPIs to help manage multiple testing streems effectively.

project 5

Customer Experience & Employee Engagement

Industry Telecommunications
DateJuly 2013
SkillsData Management, Customer Experience, Journey Mapping, KPI & Strategy Design, Analytics
Country Hong Kong

Value Delivered to client: Ability to monitor and track customer experience over time and provide regular feedback to internal staff to improve employee engagement.

project 6

Revenue Assurance

Industry Telecommunications
DateDecember 2014
Skills Revenue Assurance, Data Management & Analytics
Country Singapore

Value Delivered to client: Automated testing process for systems integration, allowing staff to focus on resolving issues and providing appropriate and timely feedback to Systems Integrator. This helped to reduce project delays and reduce the impact/risk to customers.

project 7

HR Analytics, identifying projects at risk & forecast recruitment requirements

Industry BPO (for top 500 US companies)
DateMarch 2014
SkillsData Management, Strategy & KPI Design, Predictive Analytics
Country China

Value Delivered to client: Provide ability to understand campaigns contributing to high staff attrition and forecast/manage the recruitment process to ensure project delivery.

project 8

Building a data driven culture in Manufacturing

Industry Manufacturing (Regional HQ for MNC)
DateJuly 2014
SkillsData Governance, KPI Design, Training & Coaching on Analytic Driven Decision making
Country Singapore

Value Delivered to client: Helped them to integrate Tableau with their Sales and Inventory data and build a culture of using Tableau to drive fact-based decisions for supply chain management.

project 9

Monetizing data in Financial Services

Industry Credit Bureau
DateApril 2015
SkillsStrategy, KPI & Dashboard Design
Country Cambodia

Value Delivered to client: Advise client on data strategy, design KPIs relevant to local banking industry to assist them with market benchmark performance and credit performance monitoring. Build dashboards to share information as a service.

  • project 1

    FX Trade Reconciliation & Reporting

    Reduce time, Increase Accuracy

  • project 2

    Customer Retention

    High Rollers in Gaming Industry

  • project 3

    Data Quality

    Building a foundation

  • project 4

    Automated Testing

    Reducing Project Operational Risk

  • project 5

    Customer/Employee Engagement

    Link feedback to actions to improve results

  • project 6

    Revenue Assurance

    Reduce Operational & Project Risk

  • project 7

    HR Analytics

    Retention & forecast recruitment demand

  • project 8

    Building a data driven culture

    Support decision making with robust analytics

  • project 9

    Credit Reporting Bureau

    Monetize your data and reduce systemic risk

Who are we?

We are experienced professionals, with real experience executing strategy and analytics to deliver business outcomes.

About Us

We are passionate about Analytics and helping our customers use data to make important decisions for their business. We specialise in data management, business intelligence and predictive analytics. We provide training and coaching to enable our customers and love helping them build their own teams and analytics capabilities.

Our clients made over USD $600B in Revenue last year.

We work with Startups and Global & Regional Leaders in Finance, Insurance, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare & Real Estate.

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What Clients Say

With a focus on customer enablement, it's always great to be able to visit our customers and hear the results they've been able to go on to achieve.

"Sprint Milestone helped us to establish a baseline for data quality and an effective way to communicate the impact across all stakeholders. In only a short time, we've already been able to achieve great results."

VP Bank Vivek Bhanot Head of Data Governance & BI

“Sprint Milestone have been a great partner in our digital transformation, especially in the areas of process automation and data quality management.”

DBS Bank David Lynch Managing Director, Technology & Operations

"Sprint Milestone came in and were really able to help us drive Tableau adoption and a culture of using Tableau to drive fact-based decisions for supply chain management. We've already been able to make improvements in our business processes as a result."

client 3 Hiroshi Miyazaki Regional CIO (Global Rubber Manufacturer)

"Sprint Milestone helped us with our digital transformation in finance and reporting, making our vast amount of financial data accessible in Tableau for our key decision makers. Sprint Milestones guidance and support during the project was outstanding."

client 3 Anlaug Haarbye VP Reporting & Control

"In only a few days, Sprint Milestone were able to help us design and develop dashboards that are commercially viable and relevant for the Cambodia market. In doing so, Sprint Milestone also helped us to establish a baseline for data analysis."

client 3 Sothearoath Oeur Chief Executive Officer


Sprint Milestone partners enable us to provide end to end agile data

  • Work Collaboration
  • Share and edit together
  • Control information as needed
  • Customise workflows and templates
  • Data Visualization
  • See & understand data
  • Do it yourself easily
  • Collaborate & share
  • Data Integrity Suite
  • Govern enterprise data
  • Clean & maintain data quality
  • Prepare, reconcile & analyze data
  • Enterprise AI
  • Plug & play AI
  • Govern & manage AI decisions
  • Integrate AI into operation
  • Data Warehouse
  • Design & build datamarts
  • Manage & redesign data flows
  • Automate production tasks
  • Report Miner
  • Convert reports into data
  • Integrate external data
  • Exchange data with others
  • RPA
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Increase process speed
  • Reduce manual work
  • A Unified Analytics Platform
  • Prepare, blend & analyze data
  • Understand location data
  • Analyze with code
  • Data Science Platform
  • Develop algorithms
  • Gain insights
  • Deploy AI-Enabled Services
  • Data Fabric
  • Connect data without copy
  • Ensure governance policy
  • Discover & share data

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