Webinar: How Analytical Data Virtualization Contributes to 100% Data Quality

Join us for a one hour webinar on How Analytical Data Virtualization Contributes to 100% Data Quality

Your company’s data is the foundation of every business decision, and the quality of this data has a significant impact on what it can do, and how well it can do it. Poor quality data weakens an organisation’s competitive standing, business intelligence, operational efficiency, and undermines critical business objectives, ultimately destroying business value.

Learn more about the importance of Data Quality and why your approach should be a framework that requires consolidation across People, Process and Technology.

We’ll discuss and demonstrate how Zetaris has been designed to integrate with existing enterprise technologies, platforms, and business processes, creating and adopting a single unified enterprise-wide Data Quality and Exception Management Framework that drives towards 100% data quality.

When: Wednesday 22nd September 12:00PM – 1:00PM (HK, SG time)

Join here: Zoom link

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If you would like a custom presentation on how Zetaris and Sprint Milestone work together to help you eliminate data redundancy and create a single, unified view of your data without moving, ingesting or duplicating data, click here: speak to us for a consultation.


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Dataverse 3.1.7 Released

Lavastorm have been busy moving their agile data management platform into a web based user interface, adding new functionality and improving usability. The video below highlights just some of the features available in the latest iteration:

  • Browser based interface
  • Wizard based business rules
  • Industry standard scripting language (python) so if you do need more flexibility than the wizards provide it is now even easier

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Linear Regression modeling with Tableau

Tableau despite being an excellent tool to quickly visualize the data can also be used for creation and verification of Linear regression models used for predictive analytics. The ability of Tableau to integrate with external statistical languages like Python or R allows it to use the Regression models built in those languages to directly be used in Tableau.

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SQL vs NoSQL Database

Difference between SQL and NoSQL

It is widely known that 80 percent of the world’s data is unstructured or semi-structured data, NoSQL concept has beceome more and more popular. This artical help you understand basic difference between SQL and NoSQL data and which database should you choose to use.

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Choose Right Tableau Authentication Method

Authentication and Authorization

To Understand how various login method that tableau server supports. We need to understand two basic concept:

  • Authentication is the process of ascertaining that somebody really is who he claims to be.
  • Authorization refers to rules that determine who is allowed to do what

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Resolve Tableau rows dropping issue

Reading data correctly from a data source is the basis of the correct and meaningful visualization! This is true for all visualization tools and Tableau is no exception.


A peculiar Issue was faced with Tableau data reading once when it suddenly started dropping the data rows that it was reading from a csv file. The environment setup was as follows:

There were ^ delimited csv files getting generated daily from Oracle database by using PL/SQL code.

The files were fairly large (700 MB).

There were more than 100 columns in the csv file with almost 20 measure columns.

These csv files were then used to be appended to the Tableau Data extract (TDE) daily.

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