Tableau Metrics – KPI Tracking made easy on Tableau Server or Online

Author: Tommy Tan


One of exciting features in Tableau next release 2020.2 is Metrics. In this blog, we will share with you the preview from the Tableau beta program, where we configured and tested this feature over the past month.

//What is Tableau Metrics

A Tableau Metric consists of the latest KPI value, a historical trend line of the KPI, and shows when it was last updated. You can create it from any existing dashboard that is published on Tableau server or Tableau Online. In the image below, you can see that I can track a few of my Metrics KPIs easily under my ‘Favourites’ Tab.

// 3 reasons WHY we should use Tableau Metrics

1) Consolidate KPIs from various reports in a fast and concise way

Are you receiving many reports on a daily and weekly basis? Having trouble keeping track of all your KPIs and reports? Tableau Metric helps you extract just the key KPIs from various reports to monitor in one place.

2) Create in just a few steps – Simple!

Metrics is for EVERYONE. It doesn’t matter how much you know about Tableau, anyone can create one in just a few clicks.

3) Optimized for Mobile

Are you or your bosses always on the go? The simple and consistent layout of Tableau Metrics makes it work well with mobile layout so you can monitor your KPIs wherever you go.

//How to create Tableau Metrics

  1. Go to any dashboard
  2. Click on “Metrics” on the top right options to show the Metrics window
  3. Select a data point on the chart of the KPI you want to monitor
  4. Click on Create Metrics

*Note that you need to update your Tableau server to at least 2020.2 and enable it in the site settings first

//Possible to Customize Tableau Metrics?

At this point, if you are wondering whether we can customize how Tableau metrics look or whether we can add additional information in it, the answer is unfortunately no – at least at this moment. This could possibly be something for Tableau to consider adding in the future but the thought process at this stage is to keep it simple and consistent for all Tableau Metrics so it’s easy to create and read for all users. Truthfully, we tend to complicate things if we have too many options to play with and that is definitely not the best practice.

//Looking Ahead

The best thing about Metrics is in its simplicity and the fact that we can monitor various KPIs coming from different dashboards in one place. Bearing in mind that this is just the beginning for this new feature, it will only become better as we go forward. Personally, what I hope to see in future is being able to customize Metrics, or possibly grouping a few of them into one dashboard, or having our own “Metrics” tab in the homepage where it stores all our own “Metrics” so they are easily accessible (rather than using “favourites”). There is just so much more to look forward to in the future, but for now if you are keen to try out new and upcoming features in Tableau, please head over to Tableau’s Pre-Release site and sign up for the Beta!

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